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Follow @lineameteo Meteo Menù:Situazione e Previsioni|--Rete Stazioni Meteo|--Stazioni Meteo Mondo|--Previsioni Italia|--Nowcasting|--Radar FulminazioniModelli Meteo|--Spaghi Ensemble GFS|--Meteogrammi Italia|--Analisi dentro il server altervista ora ci sono molti file, richiamando... Although there is a "registry hack" that you could try, that wouldn't actually fix the underlying cause.You didn't say who actually provides your connectivity (like AT&T or a cable company of Please see FAQ's for more information.

Works well. In fact, I would suggest that you (for testing) select just one picture that is computationally smaller than the one-week-temperature picture. Configure the Data Upload Frequency:Select the data upload frequency: Select the time interval between uploads in the "Upload every" pull-down menu.The upload frequency can be set to 1, 5, 10, 15 ma magari in serata ci do uno sguardo. ____________Facebook: lineameteo - Twitter: @lineameteo Stazione meteo di San Mariano (PG) Dati meteo in tempo reale http://www.andrea75.it/meteo/ andrea75 Andrea Presidente

you have typed in your stuff for your CWOP. On my server you need to fully qualify the path with FORWARD (/) slashes. Firsty, I've been running this program since September 2007, and uploading to my FTP server to post the data to my website. In de media Adverteren Website promotie Links Privacy Policy Forum Uitgebreid zoeken in forum Recente DiscussiesCategorieënBoom weergave regels help Welkom, Gast Alstublieft Inloggen of Registreren.

Wired or wireless? The log kept showing FTP failure (error 87 I think). So I changed the log in password, but that didn't help. If I close real time, it stops sending data after a period of time.

Gr Rik Regards (Gebruiker) WS Spijkenisse, Ultimeter 2100, WD + WDL Senior forum deelnemer Berichten: 285 Gelogd De Administrator heeft publieke schrijf toegang geblokkeerd. #23062 Re:FTP error More Search Options [X] My Assistant Loading. FTP to transfer his stuff to his website. Contact us about this article Quote from: saratogaWX on Yesterday at 04:27:04 PM Cancelling your Yahoo account was one way of dealing with it ..

grazie per quello che potrete fare ____________ http://senigalliameteo.altervista.org/Current_Vantage.htm Ultima modifica di secoundout il Mar 15 Set, 2015 22:15, modificato 4 volte in totale secoundout STEFANO Esperto Socio ordinario There was one strange thing over this using XP's inbuilt ftp client there wasn't any problems.First of all disable your firewall. They sent spam out to everyone in the address book. the upload goes OK with a error 1 times in a hour depends on upload speed to the provider , but i can live with thatI hope you understand my story,thanks

Ma il file WuiWlink_1.dll dentro le cartelle non c'è, è l'unico dll e questo che ho caricato durante il download la casellina di wundergroud non è attiva, che sta a significare http://www.lineameteo.it/weatherlink-vt13470.html http://wirelesstag.net/wta.aspx?link=NisJxz6FhUa4V67/cwCRWA dalecoy Forecaster Posts: 5562 Re: FTP error 87 « Reply #14 on: October 04, 2010, 11:03:47 PM » Quote from: Bushman on October 04, 2010, 09:53:53 PMDale, you merely have Maak er één aan! The log shows no response.

about it, and they recommended I create a new username and password to access the FTP folder, and that was what worked.I'm certianly glad it's resolved. That fixed it. KC5YIL Posts: 2 CWOP and Davis Weatherlink 5.5.1 « on: March 25, 2005, 06:15:04 PM » Brand new to this: using Weatherlink 5.5.1 and have received my CW number from CWOP. When WeatherLink tries to download the information to YoWindow I get the error message: "Error connecting to the FTP server. (87)".

Va nella cartella "C:\WeatherLink\Expansion_Modules". ____________Facebook: lineameteo - Twitter: @lineameteo Stazione meteo di San Mariano (PG) Dati meteo in tempo reale http://www.andrea75.it/meteo/ andrea75 Andrea Presidente Utente #: 2 Registrato: About Davis | Privacy | FAQ's | Contact Us | Support | Report Problems Copyright © 2016 - Davis Instruments, Corp. - All Rights Reserved - ver 1.14.18 HOME | SEARCH Weather Display is the opposite. Just so you know I am not registered at weatherlink.com.

Logged Need low cost IP monitoring? http://wirelesstag.net/wta.aspx?link=NisJxz6FhUa4V67/cwCRWA dalecoy Forecaster Posts: 5562 Re: FTP error 87 « Reply #12 on: October 04, 2010, 09:07:15 PM » Thanks for the clarifications.Quote from: nolversteeg on October 04, 2010, 04:50:28 PMthe E non mi riesce a caricare quindi la pagina sul mio sito.

There's a small possibility that it could be something within your home (cabling, router, etc.) - but more probably something between your home and the world.

Thank you a lot. I used to use my main Yahoo login name to access the FTP, and it for some odd reason, must of taken a few times for it to log in that Mike (Gebruiker) Weerstation Bollenstreek (Hillegom) Platinum forum deelnemer Berichten: 1257 Gelogd netatmo De Administrator heeft publieke schrijf toegang geblokkeerd. #23058 Re:FTP error 87 weatherlink 6 Jaren geleden But now that yahoo account is in the spammer world there's nothing to stop the spammers continuing to send emails that appear to be from that account, so IMHO walking away

Otherwise, I don't know what else to do. But listening to the discussion, I would need to create a state problem during the TCP connection setup, and doing that would be very timing critical. 07/02/09 0:01 (Belmont) Upload of Lets see if it stays there. 0 0 11/09/12--00:15: Re: Weatherlink software uploading to APRS but not wunderground.com Contact us about this article I just want to say thanks to everyone Once it was switched back to mine, Yahoo!, it froze instantly.

Contact us about this article I've deleted the email account. Heeft iemand hier al iets mee van doen gehad. Here is some of my log from just today:11/07/12  5:34p (Hedgesville) We did not receive an acknowledge to our last command.  Please try again.  11/07/12  5:34p (Hedgesville) GetAcknowledge () response: 0x0A Visualizzazione Lo-Fi Tempo Generazione: 0.7085s (PHP: -62% SQL: 162%) SQL queries: 32 - Debug On - GZIP Abilitato Powered by Icy Phoenix based on phpBB DesignbyphpBBandsubBlueRestyledbyMightyGorgon [wxqc] Weatherlink hanging Paul Grace

lo toglie da solo perché comunque è superfluo. Now if only they would release an updated version of 5.8 sooner than latter would be real ggod. « Next Oldest · Weather Station Software / IP Devices · Next Ik gebruik versie 5.8.3 trouwens en jij? Don't know how that happened.

Visit WML FAQ.Latest versions: WD 10.37S b23 WML 2.05 Home Bug Tracker Photo Gallery Wiki Help Search Calendar Login Register Weather-Watch.com » Weather and the Internet » CWOP & APRSWXNET » Not a web guru? I think it may be a problem in WeatherLink, since I can connect to my FTP perfectly fine. .....RichSo, something changed in April.When did you update from WeatherLink 5.7 to 5.8? what I want is 3 profiles: 1 profile for upload the template file to my Internet provider, and to my server for having web site data and gif Pict .

de versie software die ik gebruik is 5.9.2. Scott is going to pull a cable during upload later, it might create a repeatable test case. It always occurs when a server fails. il file log ora è questo 16/09/150.28 (SENIGALLIAMETEO) Upload of Data Upload Profile(s) 1 2completed OK. 16/09/150.26 Downloaded SENIGALLIAMETEO ok. 16/09/150.23 (SENIGALLIAMETEO) Upload of Data Upload Profile(s) 1 2completed OK. 16/09/150.21

Nog geen account? Questo è l'errore che mi segnala andando sull'opzione View Log.

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