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Believe it or not, the following snip seems to have caused the problem. My HDA: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz on MSI board, 8GB RAM, 1TBx2+3TBx1 Top stueyboy Posts: 101 Joined: Tue Mar 09, 2010 2:54 am Re: Gallery2 blank page error Quote Open a cmd-prompt with "Start", "Execute", then type "cmd.exe". Error when editing an album / photo item ERROR_OBSOLETE_DATA? -> Clearing the cache might help: FAQ: How can I clear cached data?

I thought on the page that is giving me the WSOD. oh J... Inappropriate naming of functions Defining a custom function in your module code which acts as a Drupal hook function may result in WSOD. For developers, the Makefiles automate boring tasks such as: 1) generate compiled translation files (.mo) from source language files (.po), 2) generate database schemas from entity definitions, 3) generate interfaces to http://galleryproject.org/node/76085

I manually truncated all of the drupal cache tables, and it fixed it. See the FAQ entry about moving a G2 installation from one server to another. See: http://codex.galleryproject.org/Installing_an_Image_Processing_Library Using windows: set the permissions correctly; http://galleryproject.org/node/75599#comment-269778 Can I change the timezone for dates/times displayed in G2?

Subversion keeps a second copy of every file so commands like "svn status" and "svn diff" can run quickly, without going over the network. This means that the first time you view a sized image or album, it may take a while for the images to be generated. THe error occurs while accessinghttp://localhost/drupal7/#overlay=admin/config and http://localhost/drupal7/admin/reports/status (wamp server installation) And that's all, i added some content, blogs and so on, i can access anything in the 'administer' section but not Log in or register to post comments good documentation for wsod imadalin commented May 21, 2010 at 11:30pm it took about 3 minutes to find out why a site i worked

warning: syntax error, unexpected BOOL_TRUE in modules/node/node.info on line 3 in /home/gnuklub/public_html/vladimirstudio/includes/module.inc on line 195. Gallery 2 provides complete image security. Using this will increase the time it takes to upload/migrate, but will take care of it immediately instead of when a user first requests the image. http://galleryproject.org/node/104747 I got NO errors in the error_log's or to screen even though the site was setup for it via php.ini settings, and I could see other errors on the log file

So if you get a white screen on those, it's probably in one of those functions. I googled and figured out, to at least to get drush working, i'd need to install php-xml. If the number of rows drops dramatically (like from 2000 rows down to 30) then you've fixed the problem. If you have this problem it may be difficult to tell unless you are familiar enough with G2 to know where to expect progress bars to appear.

if the 'normal' URL is http://www.example.com/gallery/gallery2 it stores '/gallery2' in the .htaccess file and in the database. To fix this, set zend compatibility to off by editing the applicable line: ; Enable compatibility mode with Zend Engine 1 (PHP 4.x) zend.ze1_compatibility_mode = Off More detail about zend compatibility No content. If you are running Apache it can be configured with the deflate or gzip module and this will buffer all the output also.

Is JavaScript enabled in your browser? FAQ: Why do i get a MySQL 'Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket' error? Thanks so much! Hit ENTER. 2.

In most cases, G2 requires a memory limit of at least 16 MB, if you are using GD, it may require even a higher limit. yesterday i had to restart my FreeBSD server becaus some maintenance work on our electricity system.... i fixed that, it was the log file which i had to grant permissions... Upload the file to your gallery2 directory on the server Make sure your file integrity is intact (see instructions) A description of the problem (and the steps to reproduce if it

So while studying d7 (started about a week ago) i came across this WSOD when trying to access config. If you run PHP 4.4.0 but don't use the Zend Optimizer, then most probably you're using a G2 version which is older than G2 Beta 4. Then unarchive / extract the archive in the command line (ssh/telnet) or with a miniature PHP script with the command tar -xzf gallery2.tar.gz for the .tar.gz archive or unzip gallery2.zip for

Sometimes the image toolkit modules of Gallery need to be reconfigured (e.g.

In the log of Apache there was this line: [notice] child pid xxxxx exit signal Abort trap (6) After investigation the cause was detected: imagecreatefrompng () caused PHP to core dump If your Gallery is integrated in a blog, portal, forum, ... The installer ran perfectly fine but the homepage is giving me this blank page. Also, if you have a language variant installed (ex fr_CA), make sure you also have the "main" language (ie fr_FR) installed on your system.

Fix it, and try again on your server. If you've also changed the admin username from admin you'll need to change that as well. Can't edit theme settings Does it work for the 'matrix' theme but not for a 3rd party theme? For basic integration, you can edit the theme templates to show Gallery 2 inside your own page with your header / footer / menu etc.

Sometimes, the problem goes away by running the installer again.

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