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Grub Boot Error 2


Options such as VPNs, direct ... It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit. V Hlingler View Public Profile Visit Hlingler's homepage! These are the scripts that boot your operating systems, control external applications such as memtest and os_prober, and theming./boot/grub/grub.cfg is built from /etc/default/grub and /etc/grub.d/* when you run the update-grub command, which you must run every time you make changes. http://imagextension.com/grub-rescue/grub-error-boot-up.php

hd0,1 = /dev/sda1. If not you can save all your trouble by using Boot Repair. If i open a grub console there seems to be some problems to hand: Code: [[email protected] ~]# mkdir /mnt/temp [[email protected] ~]# mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/temp [[email protected] ~]# grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/temp /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdb1 does FedoraForum.org is privately owned and is not directly sponsored by the Fedora Project or Red Hat, Inc. https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=944088

Grub Rescue Commands

The instructions are written for GRUB 2. If so, which chapter? It looks like its inode problem only because contents of /etc/fstab and grub.conf files are correct. GRUB "Error 2" May Mean Incompatible stage1.5, stage2, and ext2 Submitted Wed Mar 18 20:10:03 2009 under tags "linux,grub,technology" I just spent a couple of hours fighting with GRUB.

After successfully booting into the system the user must take several steps to ensure the problem is permanently fixed. I booted into an older version of Linux that I had around on CD, about a year old (early 2008), initialized the /dev/sda2 partition again, copied everything over, ran GRUB, and In addition to its troubleshooting benefits, pre-boot editing of the GRUB 2 menu also allows users to add or remove kernel options, change operating modes, and accomplish other tasks such as Ubuntu Grub Repair I've also tried the alternative approach you mentioned, having ubuntu's grub look directly for the gentoo kernel as you've described, by I will give that a try again.

I ran setup --prefix= (hd2,1) in order to restore the old GRUB partition, and rebooted. Grub Rescue Boot Windows I tried "sudo grub" on my Live cd, but i get a "command not found"... –Gabriel Dec 1 '12 at 23:49 Google for boot info script and it should Use mkdir /temp to create a directory that you can use as the temporary mount point. http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/installation/127502-grub-error-2-a.html Look for the grub.cfg file.

Browse other questions tagged 12.04 grub2 boot-failure or ask your own question. Grub Rescue No Such Partition It's listed as a different error since the probe sequence is different than for hard disks. "Read Error" This error message will occur if a disk read error happens while trying If you are practicing on a functioning system, press C when your GRUB boot menu appears to open the GRUB command shell. Basic commands available.

Grub Rescue Boot Windows

For the first word, TAB lists possible command completions. How & Where to Search In the graphic below, the text in red are commands to be entered by the user, and text in green is the output of the command Grub Rescue Commands set root=(hdX,Y) Confirm the correct X,Y values and press ENTER. Grub Rescue Commands List How it looks?

On this page How it looks? Get More Info What to Look For Where It Should Be (Default Installation) Specific / General Search Example grub.cfg (hdX,Y)/boot/grub/ or /boot/grub/ ls (hdX,Y)/boot/grub/grub.cfg or ls /boot/grub/ vmlinuz (hdX,Y)/ or / ls (hdX,Y)/vmlinuz or Boot-Repair can be run from a LiveCD or an operating Linux system. GRUB Presence of the word GRUB at the top left of the monitor with no blinking cursor indicates that GRUB 2 can not even find the Master Boot Record (or equivalent) Grub Rescue Unknown Filesystem

However this gives me the grub error: Code: root (hd0,0) Filesystem type is ext2fs, partition type 0x83 kernel /boot/vmlinuz- ro root=UUID=63608748-e626-4a3f-9232-c836524f606f rhgb quiet Error 2: Bad file or directory type Darn I didn't find it. GRUB 2 variable settings can be viewed with the set command. useful reference In fact, it gives you complete access to all filesystems on the local machine regardless of permissions or other protections.

Then configure GRUB to boot the new Windows system. Grub Command Line Boot Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the To the mbr or root directory of Gentoo?

Doing something like that, to have your Ubuntu menu.lst boot Gentoo directly (rather than call Gentoo's grub.conf), may be easier.

If the system boots, please refer to the [[#Post-Boot Follow Up|Post Boot Follow Up] section If the system fails to boot, proceed to the [#grub rescue|grub rescue]] section for more detailed After the above commands you can go ahead and start the rest of the settings. The kernel might have changed drive assignments or you moved your hard drives, you changed some partitions, or installed a new operating system and moved things around. Grub Commands Open a terminal, type 'su -', and press to get root user - no password needed (works for me: F11-LXDE Live, not installed yet).

WUBI boot problems are not covered in detail although they are addressed in several sections. If that works do the grub directory: Code: grub> cat (hd0,3)/boot/grub/ TAB, and if it shows your grub.conf, do: Code: grub> cat (hd0,3)/boot/grub/grub.conf and hit enter this time. This article provides you with information on available options for repairing GRUB 2 boot issues and specific instructions on how to use the GRUB 2 terminal. this page Each of the GRUB 2 failure modes can normally be corrected either from the GRUB 2 terminal or by using an Ubuntu LiveCD.

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