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elasticsearch_url: "http://localhost:9200" Save and exit. Unable to connect: Connection time out: The hostname may be incorrect or the FTP server may be behind a firewall. I have unchecked the # from the config file. var app = express.createServer(), blog = express.createServer(); blog.mounted(function(parent){ // parent is app // "this" is blog }); app.use(blog); app.register(ext, exports) Register the given template engine exports as ext. click site

In any case I would deduce that it was an issue with the playback/capture device and not any of the software, for anyone else with this issue. Anyone have any ideas? Secondly can't get youtube to work. Also, enter the hostname or IP address, not a URL, e.g. http://productforums.google.com/d/topic/chromecast/MWZ11sfg9Vw

How To Fix Error 404

Go to the Google App Engine Console, open the app. Chris Locke May 12, 2016 Reply Did you guys test your mics with arecord? Unable to fetch mapping. I Think that ones verify is set it will run text to speech and send recording to google for text translaten, once it receive text back it will verify your keyword.

I have made the changes in the config and tts files all that helped a lot, all my commands work, i just cant run it in contentious because, if verify is Anand Krishnan November 23, 2014 Reply I am using b+ board.The software developed by Steven hickson is not available to download.So how i do voice recognition in b+ board ?Please help. You may also see errors like this:

Logstash logs (Logstash is configured to send its output Your File Was Not Found Chrome Extension Cause: Configuration Contains a Syntax Error If Logstash has errors in its configuration files, which are located in the /etc/logstash/conf.d directory, the service will not be able to start properly.

When i use ./Speach.sh it record my voice and I manage to see the text returned by google API however when I run voicecommand -c It captures the voice send that But i'm kind of stuck. Open terminal 2. To do this, enter the command "alsamixer" in the terminal.

Within this callback you may still respond, as the header has not been sent. 404 Not Found Nginx The upload worked after I added the Owner permission to the right email account in Google App Engine Console and I accepted the invitation (I received an email containing the invitation We will cover a few other common Logstash configuration issues. This i actually solved by upgrading to a better microphone in my case used plantronics headset. 2.

Error 404 Google

And change the permissions to the navigation file.

When I run the install.sh I get this error with my microphone trying saying the keyword Sam: Now say that keyword ALSA lib pcm_hw.c:1401:(_snd_pcm_hw_open) Invalid value for card arecord: main:682: audio How To Fix Error 404 Perhaps a script error ? Your File Was Not Found Chrome I'm guessing it cannot find my Pianobar configuration file.

Also, the keyword is not recognised when running continuously :/ Scott Pickering March 2, 2015 Reply I'm using the B+ but everything seems to have worked perfectly fine except for one get redirected here Now if you check the Elasticsearch status, and you should see that it is running fine. Issue: Logstash is Not Running If Logstash is not running, there are a few potential causes. This type of error is indicated by the following log entry:

Nginx error logs (user was not found):
2015/10/26 12:11:57 [error] 3933#0: *242 Your File Was Not Found Google Chrome

I don't get that part. It turned out that once the authentication is cached (with cookies), it will use it by default even if you force --email with a different credential. It begins with an overview of information, network, and web security, emphasizing the role of data communications and encryption. navigate to this website Try this and let me know what happens.

The mic record fine with record and I can play the record correctly with aplay. Your File Was Not Found It May Have Been Moved Or Deleted The first step to resolving this issue is to check if Kibana is running with this command:

  • sudo service kibana status
If Kibana isn't running or not Pt 1Raspberry Pi IoT: The Best Project to get started with IoT !

Try reconnecting at a later time.

res.download(path, 'expenses.doc', function(err){ // handle }); An optional second callback, callback2 may be given to allow you to act on connection related errors, however you should not attempt to respond. How can i add a voice command to open a .jpg image? Another hint don't use on_motion_detected. 404 Error Page Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Getting Error 404, application not found error when deploying to Google App Engine up vote 1 down vote favorite 3 I have

Arvind Sanjeev December 6, 2014 Reply Hi Oscar, where have you tried to add this command? It uses speech recognition and text to speech to listen to you, respond to you, and run commands based on what you say. The path option defaults to the app’s “basepath” setting, which is typically “/”. // "Remember me" for 15 minutes res.cookie('rememberme', 'yes', { expires: new Date(Date.now() + 900000), httpOnly: true }); The my review here You must select or create one to continue. ...

I manage to install the application as mentioned above & able to manually recored and hear the recording by using arecord and aplay. Related errors:http 404 404 Not Found errorError 404 file or directory not foundNot Found Status errorfunny 404 pages Категория Наука и техника Лицензия Стандартная лицензия YouTube Ещё Свернуть Загрузка... Автовоспроизведение Если Properties on req.session are automatically saved on a response, so for example if we wish to shopping cart data: var RedisStore = require('connect-redis')(express); app.use(express.bodyParser()); app.use(express.cookieParser()); app.use(express.session({ secret: "keyboard cat", store: new Logstash Forwarder: How To Check If It is Running Logstash Forwarder runs on the your Client machines, and ships logs to your ELK server.

Ondra January 31, 2016 Reply how to write to the scripts.. Clear search results Contact support Knowledge Base Frequently Asked Questions47 articles Sales15 articles Technical Articles426 articles Web Store9 articles Legal6 articles Education and Non-Profit3 articles All articles 2BrightSparks Homepage 2BrightSparks Homepage Kinam December 14, 2014 Reply Hey Arvind, your help has been precious to me.. Mon June 5, 2015 Reply Hi, great post.

This type of error is indicated by the following log entry:

Nginx error logs (htpasswd file does not exist):
2015/10/26 12:17:38 [error] And also, please try re installing the software meanwhile. I had the same thought, I had to change the makefile where it had g++4.8 to just g++ and then make worked fine. Everything was working perfect untill a week ago.

app.use(express.bodyParser()); app.use(express.methodOverride()); The reason that these are not always defaults, is simply because these are not required for Express to be fully functional. The back map checks the Referrer and Referer headers, while home utilizes the “basepath” setting and defaults to “/”. This software is quite accurate and swift for your applications.Now, the video of the voice control software in action : Tags: google voice, microphone, Raspberry pi, voice control, voice recognition

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